What if you could spend less on your data programs, make progress faster, take advantage of practical advances in data management, and actually use the data you own better? We analyze, evaluate, and optimize your approach to reference data to reduce the costs related to data management and unlock the value of your data assets.

Using specialized data quality diagnostics and other online analytical tools, our teams of data science and technology specialists are able to complete an end-to-end data quality assessment, establish baselines, and recommend priorities to improve the quality of your legal entity or security master data. ? Additionally, using industry standards such as Data Maturity Model (DMM) or Data Management Capability Model (DCAM), we assess your end-to-end data governance processes and existing tools and systems to identify deficiencies and areas of improvement to increase the confidence in your data management capabilities.


Global insurance companies need to be able to efficiently process commercial business applications and submissions from nearly every country in the world. Processing these applications means understanding where you have producer channel conflict and unnecessary competition that degrades pricing and margin.

Our Submission Solution helps you improve the flow of information prior to the underwriting process, improve the transparency of submission data, integrate with underwriting and policy issuance applications, and help eliminate user workarounds which make the process sub-optimal. Our solution allows you to process and analyze data to make better and more informed decisions about your customers’ needs. Through a business-centric, flexible data model and rules management approach, the application gives you the ability to better support global business by gaining insight into how to better interact with producers and articulate risk.