Traditional Benefits:


Kingland is committed to providing affordable and quality healthcare for our employees and their families. We offer comprehensive health care plans to those who qualify that give our employees peace of mind, allowing them to focus on the task at hand.


Kingland employees also have access to dental coverage that matches the needs of themselves and their families. Our dental coverage is aimed at providing our employees excellent care to ensure excellent health.

Life Insurance

We support our employees by providing an exceptional life insurance plan, as well as provide access to additional coverage. This makes our plans customizable allowing our employees and their loved ones to stay prepared and comfortable.


We want our employees to be prepared for their future. In order to support our employees, we offer a competitive matching program that allows our employees to plan and save for their retirement goals.

Additional Programs:

Corporate Giving
For those employees with causes they want to support, we assist them with providing their support both financially and physically. Through a corporate charitable gift matching program as well as eight hours of paid volunteer time, employees can continue to make a difference in the community and support the causes that they are passionate about. 

Wellness Program
Our employees are our most valuable asset, and we use our Corporate Wellness Program to improve their health and well-being by providing information and opportunities related to wellness. This program includes reimbursement for fitness equipment, apparel, gym memberships, and fitness classes as well as periodic company-wide fitness and nutrition challenges. Employees also have the opportunity to receive complimentary annual health assessments. At Kingland, it's easy to stay active both inside and outside of the office. Our offices feature access to treadmill desks, sit-to-stand workstations, and conference rooms with standing conferences tables. When not at work, our employees stay active through company-sponsored softball, soccer, volleyball, and basketball teams.

Vacation and Sick Time
Kingland encourages a healthy blend of work and time away from the office for employees so we provide them with an ample amount of vacation time in order to enhance personal well-being, productivity, and employee morale. We understand that there are also days that need to be spent away from the office, not for vacation, but because of sickness. Sick leave is provided to employees in order to provide protection for those who need to miss work because of illness of injury, whether it be for themselves or for an immediate family member.

Wardrobe Bonus
Are you a college student who's already found the perfect job at Kingland? Next, all you need are professional attire to match your new career. Kingland offers a valuable wardrobe reimbursement program for campus hires so our employees can be well dressed and ready to impress and won't have to worry about spending their first paycheck on their professional wardrobe.