Growth Levels

In our business, change is a reality, and it often comes in different forms. Therefore, we place value on life-long learning and the desire to take on new challenges, especially as it relates to growing new business. This is where we partner with you. You take on new learning challenges, we give you support and opportunities, and as a result, you will become more valuable to our clients and to us. The first building block of career development is you. You need to be committed to working hard, learning, and being the best you can be. While you are ultimately responsible for your own professional growth, we encourage you, support you, and provide you guidance. This graphic shows how you can progress through different levels as you take on new challenges: Do Excellent Work; begin to lead and mentor your team; lead and manage client projects; and finally grow your skills and capabilities to take on managing and growing client relationships and entire solution teams.

Career Levels

As you grow your capabilities, you also advance your career level. We expect you to advance from Level 1 to Level 5 during the first five years of your career with Kingland. Then our top performers will advance through our professional levels by demonstrating exceptional skills and capabilities. Advancing through our professional career track provides you the opportunity to continue to grow your skills, responsibilities and income.