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Customer Experience & Optimization

Provide a localized experience designed by connecting products, people, places and transactions

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Optimize and Personalize 

Customers expect more intuitive experiences and fewer issues, and appreciate when the applications they interact with help them save time. Organizations want to recommend the products and services that are most relevant, and optimize the execution to control costs and deliver on their promise to customers. In retail, this may define which products are recommended. In banking, it may mean more efficient transaction processing and execution. For risk managers, optimization may be identifying the unseen patterns that help them protect customers better. 

Deliver real-time customer optimization using advanced artificial intelligence algorithms, high-scale processing, and resilient enterprise management data capabilities. Identify the connections among customers, households, communities, market participants, and their products and transactions. 

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Dynamic Data Processing

Combining intelligent machine learning processing with well-managed deterministic decision making provides a dynamic environment for optimization.

Speed and Scale

High performance data pipelines ingest, process, and deliver data to consuming applications enterprise wide.

Customer Value

Optimize the experiences of retail individual customers or commercial or institutional client bases.

By using [The Kingland] Platform and our team, we can effectively de-risk our project, accelerate deliveries, and get the benefit of us truly modernizing how we think about our architecture."

Business executive
Fortune 100 Food & Drug Stores