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Industry Solutions

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Kingland delivers strategic data driven solutions that are purpose-built to industry requirements — so our clients always know more.

We have been creating industry-specific solutions for global enterprises for more than 25 years. Whether it is the latest global regulation, challenging multi-national enterprise risks, or legacy processes and systems that need to be transformed to leverage data as an asset, we spend time understanding the unique challenges of your industry while also connecting the dots across industries.

We create teams with deep subject matter expertise in your industry — and then combine that expertise with components from our platform of software, services, and data. Your solution can be augmented with service offerings that bring specialized capabilities to help your long-term success. This can include customizing our software to the exact needs of your enterprise, providing data quality assessments of your existing data, and cleansing/augmenting your data to prepare it for use in the new solution.


Public Accounting

Managing the complexities of global independence and auditor rotation regulation is a growing challenge. Kingland has been providing solutions to the largest audit firms in the world for over two decades.


Banking and Capital Markets

Kingland optimizes the way reference data is managed, maintained, and used throughout operations, risk, and compliance process by buy-side, sell-side, custody, and commercial institutions. As a data science solution provider we focus on the business aspects of data and enterprise class technology.



Managing the complexities of a global commercial insurance business and preventing producer channel conflict and unnecessary competition is a growing challenge. Kingland has been providing solutions that help optimize the flow of incoming applications and submissions for the last four years.