Business Careers

Project Manager

One of our fastest growing areas, project management at Kingland, involves providing the support and leadership critical to various teams within our company. Project managers coordinate with both internal teams and external clients to ensure that project plans and requirements are met and satisfied on schedule and budget.


Do you have a passion for working with clients and seeing the world? Our consulting teams have the ability to assist some of the largest financial institutions in the world with their technology and data needs. Our consultants are subject matter experts in a variety of data and technology-related areas and have the technical and soft skills necessary to lead teams and manage client engagements.

Business Analyst

Our Business Analysts are highly analytical and inquisitive with strong communication and interpersonal skills. They work with our clients to understand the business problem and then turn that understanding into the software requirements our engineers use to create the end solution.

Software Engineering Careers


Software at Kingland is built from the ground up – encompassing architecture, engineering, and development. Our software teams work through the complete software development lifecycle and work with client requirements to create the industry’s best software and web-based applications.

Quality Control

Our Quality Control team develops and executes test plans for our software products to identify problems and their causes before the software goes into production. Because our software is used by some of the largest institutions in the world for mission-critical work, we need quality control professionals who understand what the software should do and can be creative in thinking about the ways defects can be found.

Data Science Careers


The data space is exploding, but we’ve been there for over a decade. Our Data Analysts combine communication skills with exceptional subject matter expertise and analysis to guide clients through effective and intelligent data management. If combining these skill sets sounds like you, our data program could be a great fit.

IT Careers


Our Operations team supports our enterprise class software and web-based applications. The Operations team is the first line of defense in ensuring our applications are running smoothly to support the largest organizations in the world.