Make valuable information in unstructured data accessible & actionable

Kingland's advanced approach for text mining, word clustering, natural language processing, named entity resolution, and other cognitive techniques fuel client applications with structured, actionable data. The Kingland expertise is built on our identification of legal entities and complex actions and extends to hundreds of concepts that are unique to financial services.  Data includes:

  • Clients and counterparties
  • Hierarchy or ownership information
  • Natural persons or individuals
  • Legal agreement terms and conditions
  • Mutual fund information
  • Address and locations
  • Suppliers and related parties
  • Conflict of interests
  • Fraud and loss scenarios
  • Financial risk (e.g. bankruptcy, lawsuits)
  • Reference data inconsistencies

Extract and leverage your critical data from unstructured documents and sources to enrich data-driven processes such as regulatory reporting, enterprise risk management, data operations, and client analytics. This key component adds tremendous value to your data set and can expedite a number of compliance and regulatory hurdles your organization may face.

See how the platform helps you make decisions from big data