See where risk exists and manage it

When pursuing new business and retaining existing business, it's challenging to ensure - at a member firm and global level - that you have an accurate and comprehensive understanding of the risk issues related to clients and related engagements. Going beyond traditional independence concerns, you may need to understand if you have the right expertise available or know the track record of a client with respect to service delivery complexity. Based on risk, have you priced the new business appropriately? Are you using the best safeguards to mitigate risk? By answering these questions, and many more, organizations can ensure they are pursuing the right business and have confidence that the risks - from business to headline to regulatory - have been fully considered.

Through the use of the Kingland Platform and strategic data, public accounting organizations have the ability to see and manage risk in intuitive ways. By integrating client and engagement acceptance with CRM tools and engagement management systems, a single, seamless business process can be created that is managed through software. Silos of data are broken down, removing the same need for functional line and geographic-specific systems. Partners can see the entire business relationship with their clients and good risk decisions can be made by including the right people in the decision. By layering Kingland analytics on top, the solution brings together partner and firm rotation, business relationship independence, and scope of service requests, to provide a multi-dimensional view of the client and the audit firm's relationships with it. Kingland solutions bring together the entire picture of client and engagement acceptance instead of disparate systems that so commonly create IT expense and partner frustration.

Take client and engagement acceptance to a new level of orchestration, analytics, and coordination.

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