Customer Success Stories

Fortune 100 Client Experiences 70% Improvement...

In less than a month, Kingland used its advanced data diagnostics platform to identify data quality issues that led to a 70% improvement in client data coverage for one of the world’s largest technology providers, driving specific revenue alignment decisions across their global client base.



Four Categories of Entity Data Quality Management 

Accurately measuring the quality of your data is a challenge. Discover four key categories of data quality management that you can apply to make measurable improvements to your entity data. Download today and take meaningful action. Listen now.

Why do you need Maturity in Data Management?

What does data management maturity mean and why is it necessary for your organization? Listen to this webinar to understand how well you’re currently managing data. Listen now.


Kingland Introduces 4th Generation Enterprise Software Platform

Understand how the fourth generation, modular-based platform technology can help you reduce risk and drive business results through accurate, consistent, and maintained enterprise data across a range of application systems. Read more.

Featured Whitepaper

Entity Data Quality

Download to learn new approaches to diagnose, evaluate options, prescribe, treat, and re-evaluate data quality. Understand the scale of your entity data maintenance challenges and get a full overview of the state of your data. Read more.



A Banker, a Retailer, and an Accountant Walk into a Bar...

Imagine these three characters really do walk into a bar together. They take a seat and begin talking about their priorities for the year. The banker commiserates about the latest regulatory deadline. The retailer talks about... Read more.