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Public Accounting March 22nd, 2022

What Makes Client Data So Important to Mergers & Acquisitions | Kingland Blog

After a merger and acquisition (M&A), how much confidence would you have in the accuracy of your client data? Post M&A you're creating more da...

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Insurance, Security April 5th, 2022

Understanding Your Exposure to Socially Risk-Averse Business Partners | Kingland Blog

War comes with risk and devastatingly immeasurable losses. Identifying risk and anticipating loss is what the insurance industry does, and they do it ...

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Architecture & Development, Kingland Culture February 6th, 2024

Moving to the Cloud is Like Raising a Teenager

People are always asking us about our journey to the cloud and how we do what we do at Kingland. Part of that secret is in our Platform and how we bui...

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Enterprise Data Management, Compliance Management October 11th, 2016

Four Categories of Data Quality Management

In our time spent with executives throughout the financial services industry, we've uncovered four categories of activity that consume leaders' time a...

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Public Accounting, Compliance Management July 19th, 2017

5 Challenges to Disclosing Financial Interests for Independence Compliance

Over the past few years, public accounting firms have invested in having financial institutions provide them files of holdings and transactions, which...

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October 18th, 2021

Four Keys to Successful Client/Vendor Relationships

Remember your neighborhood and childhood friends. How many remain your close friends today? If the answer is none or not many, why? Many times it's be...

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Compliance Management Expertise

Trusted by 6 of the top 8 public accounting firms, Kingland's compliance management software delivers confidence to your partners and teams in an ever-changing world.

Personal Independence Compliance Mobile App

The new mobile app will help member firms improve compliance rates and accelerate more business opportunities, quickly and efficiently.

Kingland Platform - Retail Industry Case Study

The Kingland Platform helped one of the country's leading supermarket retailers solve their data challenge of negotiating and managing millions fo products and promotions.

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Data Collection

Industry-tested rules, workflows, permissions, and more allow you to connect to data from multiple sources and reliably create a ‘single source of truth’ across the enterprise.

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Data Management

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Data Management

We manage industry-specific data types and hierarchies to help you visualize and act upon the ocean of data in your organization.

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Data Action

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Data Action

Public and private unstructured data is accurately identified and extracted, enabling teams to make the best decisions on entities, people, events and other essential data attributes.

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