Entity Data Quality Whitepaper

Download to learn new approaches to diagnose, evaluate options, prescribe, treat, and re-evaluate data quality. Understand the scale of your entity data maintenance challenges and get a full overview of the state of your data. Read more.


Customer Success Stories

Fortune 100 Client Experiences 70% Improvement...

In less than a month, Kingland used its advanced data diagnostics platform to identify data quality issues that led to a 70% improvement in client data coverage for one of the world’s largest technology providers, driving specific revenue alignment decisions across their global client base.



Four Categories of Entity Data Quality Management 

Accurately measuring the quality of your data is a challenge. Discover four key categories of data quality management that you can apply to make measurable improvements to your entity data. Download today and take meaningful action. Listen now.

Why do you need Maturity in Data Management?

What does data management maturity mean and why is it necessary for your organization? Listen to this webinar to understand how well you’re currently managing data. Listen now.


Kingland Makes List of 20 Most Promising Banking Technology Solution Providers

Kingland made the list of 20 most promising banking technology solution providers from CIO Review. Learn about the accuracy and efficiency of the platform's text mining and analysis, and the company's work with a large U.S. financial services firm. Read more.

Kingland Achieves CMMI Level 5 for Software Development Maturity

Kingland achieves level 5 appraisal from CMMI. Kingland teams use nearly 450 specific process that aligned with CMMI and are designed, improved and audited regularly. Read more.

New Kingland Platform Updates Focus on Enterprise Requirements

Latest Platform offerings include cross microservices transaction support, enhanced PDF table extraction, the ability to manage reference data through the platform data management UI, enhanced workflow and rules capabilities, and more.

Applying AI to Deliver Results

DTCC shared how they applied AI from Kingland to deliver results. They utilized key components of AI to move from manual and time consuming manual entry to "significantly reducing the time it takes to process and update the mining of data from prospectuses and other documents filed within the SEC's EDGAR system." Read more.


What is a Microservices architecture?

Discover five things you need to know about microservices. See more.

What are the benefits of Microservices architecture?

See 16 points of view of what life can be like with and without microservices. See more.

How do Microservices work?

View this graphic to see how microservices work in the real world. See more.

Extract any data from any source

Discover cognitive progress in this infographic of the Kingland Platform. See how the cognitive suite augments your subject matter experts. See more.


Kingland: Why Iowa?

Why Iowa? It's a question we get often from executives around the world. for such an innovative company of software architects, artificial intelligence engineers, and data SMEs, how and why do we do it from Iowa? Read more.

Top Themes from DTCC’s 2018 Fintech Symposium

Leading banks, broker dealers, and regulators gathered in New York for DTCC's third annual Fintech Symposium. For those that missed this year's event, here are three themes (and a few acronyms) worth some attention. Read more.

CAT: It's Time for the Experts

As the Consolidated Audit Trail (CAT) saga continues to unfold, there is continued uncertainty throughout the industry. Grab your experts to help CAT be successful. Read more.