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The foundation of our campus recruiting program starts with interns who have the drive, innovation and passion to become the best. Our interns grow and develop through unique opportunities and challenging experiences. Not only do we offer a Data Research Analyst internship that allows students from all majors to develop their resume through spending time in a professional environment, but we also offer "Advanced Internships" for students whose college majors are aligned with our full-time positions. Our advanced interns work directly on teams with our full-time employees, solving the same problems and using the same cutting edge technology as our full-time employees.

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Explore our current internships within the business side at Kingland.
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At Kingland, you'll be able to see your code in production.
Data Research Analyst
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Internship Benefits and Perks

Earn Money

High pay and a fast-paced work environment is attractive to most of our interns. Being a top paying internship company, we give our interns tasks that provide real opportunities and responsibilities. We expect hard work, so we compensate for it.

Hands-on Experience

Using cutting edge technology, you will be working right along side our full time employees having a direct impact in the company's success serving our clients or helping to build the newest features in our Kingland Platform.


Being close to campus allows for great flexibility to work between classes during the school year. With our relaxed atmosphere and business casual dress code, you can dress for both school and work.

Early Career Growth

Through our internship program, you will collaborate with other interns, full-time employees, and be part of a team which can give you a jump start on career growth and knowledge. This opportunity could lead to a full-time position once you graduate.


We want to make sure you enjoy your summer and experience the culture and people of Kingland. Our interns participate in many fun outings such as a grill out, happy hour, a day in Des Moines, and so much more!

Lunch and Learns

The summer intern group participates in many lunch and learns throughout the summer to gain a full knowledge of who we are and what we do at Kingland, as well as providing information to launch your future and career. To top it off, catered lunches are provided.

Manager/Mentor Program

Each intern is assigned a manager who will guide their work and team throughout the summer. This manager will also act as their mentor, helping them to navigate organizational culture, solve problems, and enhance their intern experience.

Work Coach Program

The summer interns will be assigned a work coach that they can turn to on a day to day basis to ask questions or help them network through the company. The work coach will treat the intern to monthly outings to aid in this program.


Software Engineering Intern

"Kingland has a very friendly culture. They genuinely care about their employees and it shows. I love working on what I'm doing, as the software we build is actually being used out there in the real world."



Becca & Hannah

HR Interns

"I enjoy assisting with onboarding new hires and watching them grow throughout the company." - Becca

"I like the variety of work that I do and having the opportunity to interact with a wide range of people." - Hannah


Meghan & Cole

Business Analyst Interns

"Kingland is deeply invested in becoming better every day. We see where we make mistakes, and we regularly work to be better, and not make those same mistakes twice. The way that this is accomplished (and probably the factor that makes Kingland unique) is that the people genuinely care about their work and want to see their projects succeed." - Cole

"Working as a Business Analyst has been a great opportunity to learn about many aspects of Kingland’s business functions. From working with members of the marketing team to software architects, I’ve had a very well rounded experience." - Meghan



Accounting Intern

"I really enjoy working for such a large company that still manages to remain private; it has a very small company feel while also having the intricacies of a large company."