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Public Accounting

Discover the world's most popular data platform for independence
Protecting global accounting firms for more than 20 years

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Experience the confidence of intelligent independence compliance

Legacy independence compliance processes and systems no longer meet the requirements of your regulators and the needs of your business. Partners are turning to intelligent independence compliance to increase confidence in their compliance management programs.

The Kingland Data Platform and customized design process as well as our 20 + years of industry experience as the top independence solution provider for global accounting firms helps us to solve many of the top problems facing our Public Accounting clients:

  • Increased regulatory scrutiny in recent years has forced the global accounting firms to adapt. What used to be considered acceptable is no longer deemed compliant, leading to reputational damage and fines.
  • Disparate jurisdictional regulations and requirements force global firms to be globally consistent in order to maintain  local compliance.
  • Evolving business models and increased revenue-generating opportunities have left legacy compliance systems and processes overburdened and insufficient.
  • Inconsistent compliance quality, control, and consistency across the network of global firms introduces unidentifiable risk.
  • Advancements in day-to-day technologies leave partners expecting more from the technology deployed by their employing firm.
  • Increasing information security requirements for ever-evolving threats.
See the world's best personal independence software for yourself

Personal Independence User Video

See how you can efficiently modernize cumbersome, compliance management activities for partners and other monitored users.

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As one of the world's most data-intensive, regulated companies, you don't have the luxury of making a mistake, and neither do we.

Kingland's Public Accounting Capabilities

Kingland has solutions for two distinct areas of compliance management. As the PCAOB, FRC, and other regulatory bodies continue to strengthen their oversight of the global accounting firms, reducing costs and increasing efficiency of independence compliance will save firms from reputational damages and fines.

Auditor Independence
Financial interest and financial relationships, Personal Independence
Client and Risk Data Management
In Support of Firm Independence, Scope of Services

Discover the confidence of the Kingland Platform

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Why Do Public Accounting Partners Choose Kingland?

Kingland has over 20 years of experiencing developing global compliance management software solutions for the public accounting industry. Kingland software solutions have supported over 400,000 accounting professionals across more than 105 countries.

In 1999,  Kingland began offering personal independence software solutions. And when the Sarbanes-Oxley Act was passed by U.S. lawmakers in 2002, our clients depended on us to help them meet these new regulations. Our independence software has evolved alongside our public accounting clients and their global and local regulations ever since. Kingland has continued to invest heavily in ensuring the security and compliance of our clients. We moved all Independence software to the cloud, performed a complete UI refresh, and built the foundation for complete mobile support. We have expanded our data management capabilities with unique rules and procedures specific to the needs of global accounting firms. For over 20 years, Kingland's Data Platform has adapted to the ever-changing demands of global regulators.

"We use Kingland's platform for all personal independence - our people and member firms."
    - Partner at Big 4 Accounting Firm
The Kingland Platform
Learn about the three distinct suites of the Kingland Data Platform.
Kingland Platform Security
Read about the regulatory-grade security measures of the Kingland Data Platform.
Our Clients
See some of the global clients Kingland has supported throughout its history.

Public Accounting Insights


Take a Holistic Approach to Personal Independence

Bank accounts, loans, stocks, bonds, credit cards and more! All these financial instruments create more administrative work and potential slip ups around the disclosure process for personal independence. The necessity for auditors to be independent has been consistent since the beginning of the profession.

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Streamline Hierarchy Management with Inheritance Technology

Learn how we use proprietary technology to help you manage relationships within your client and other legal entity data. Through Kingland's inheritance technology, you can ensure the integrity of your hierarchy.  When changes occur in your hierarchy, you can quickly and accurately verify the accuracy of your updates, understand how the update can impact the rest of the hierarchy tree, and help your firm maintain compliance.

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Data Relationships

Building Relationships through Data and Technology

The relationship between data and technology is a Valentine's Day relationship worthy of celebration. This is a relationship that has provided businesses with new commercial opportunities and the ability to reduce operating costs and risks while simultaneously introducing new risks related to data security and privacy.

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