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Public Accounting

Comply with Complex Regulations

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Connect People, Processes and Systems Across a Global Network

Manage conflicts, solve disclosure challenges, optimize revenue across global client bases, and monitor thousands of clients and users to remain compliant with various company and country-to-country regulations. 

Kingland helps firms mitigate the risk and cost of regulatory compliance. Using the Kingland Platform, clients can automate all aspects of personal and firm independence with a complete set of applications to reduce regulatory infractions. Seamlessly integrating with legacy systems, the platform synthesizes data, regulatory requirements and firm policies to ensure accurate disclosure and independence monitoring. 

See how the most widely-used independence solution solves public accounting challenges below. 


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Rely on resilient compliance processes, accurate data and connected systems 

Independence Compliance

Constantly collect and monitor firm and personal independence that quickly determines potential independence issues. 

Risk Management

Visualize enterprise data by connecting disparate data to entities, enabling integration and interconnectivity by breaking down silos across the organization.

Data Management

Securely manage and govern your enterprise's critical data, enabling better decision-making, reducing costs and ensuring transparency of processes.




"We use Kingland's platform for all personal independence - our people and member firms."

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Overcome a Common Independence Gap that Blinds Organizations

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5 Challenges to Disclosing Financial Interests for Independence Compliance

Over the past few years, public accounting firms have invested in having financial institutions provide them files of holdings and transactions, which is commonly referred to as broker data import (BDI) and financial interest integration (FII). While FII is essential, it cannot solve all disclosure challenges alone. 

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