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Public Accounting

Trusted by 7 of the top 8 public accounting firms, Kingland's risk and compliance management software delivers confidence to your partners and teams in an ever-changing world.

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Intelligent Compliance: Unparalleled Experience

Legacy independence compliance processes and systems no longer meet the requirements of regulators and the needs of your business. Partners are turning to intelligent software to increase confidence in their risk and compliance management programs.

Kingland's software, tailored design process, and our 23+ years of industry experience as the top independence compliance solution provider for the largest global accounting firms helps us solve the most complex problems facing the public accounting industry.

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Key Business Outcomes for Public Accounting Firms


From wizards to a service center to a mobile app, clients can reduce the timeframe to require disclosure of new financial interests, resolve exceptions, and manage activities from anywhere.


Complete and seamless data and systems integration give teams and partners an automated system of record that empowers confident compliance decisions.


Over 200 out-of-the-box rules are tailored for unique industry data quality requirements. These rules and workflows adapt to evolving regulatory compliance rules.


Regulatory-grade data, including restriction information, will enable teams to quickly find, manage, and act on essential entities, ensuring teams stay ahead of existing risk areas.

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Streamline compliance activities to improve compliance rates

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Onboard clients quickly to gain an advantage in winning new business

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Assess risk confidently to comply with regulatory rules and firm policies

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Manage conflicts of interest to ensure no regulatory violations occur when proceeding with an engagement


Kingland's Risk and Compliance Software

To comply with ever-changing global regulations and a complex market environment, firms require expansive data sets and systems that keep up with the change to automate conflict checking and global compliance monitoring. When the systems integrate like Kingland's, efficiency and compliance rate gets another boost.


Personal Independence

Anywhere your teams and partners go, they can complete their independence tasks with the industry's most prolific enterprise data product for independence. Improve compliance rates, remove disclosure burdens, and automate broker data aggregation to make giant leaps in accurately assessing and accepting business.



Entity Management

Regulatory decisions require regulatory-grade data. Empower business growth, accept and close new business, and thoroughly understand clients and client data. Unlike generic offerings, the Entity Management System is tailored for your industry's unique regulatory compliance requirements.


Decision Management

Conflict checks, services approvals, client and engagement acceptance, and continunce all require streamlined decision making. Decision Management enables your firm or network to facilitate these decisions quickly by leveraging the data.


Leading Independence for over 20 Years

See how clients use the Platform in over 105 jurisdictions,
supporting over 400,000 users across the globe.

Public Accounting Case Study Video

Case Study | Independence Compliance Management

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Public Accounting Case Study Video

Craig Butler (RSM US) speaks to the importance of trust and partnership for success

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As one of the world's most data-intensive, regulated companies, you don't have the luxury of making a mistake, and neither do we.

Public Accounting firms are some of the world’s most integral companies because they uphold the transparency and integrity of companies operating throughout the global economy.

Risk and Compliance Management

Your Partner for the Future

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Kingland has been offering data and compliance management solutions to global enterprises for over 30 years. Through this data management experience, as well as forward-thinking software development processes and intuitive application of AI-technologies, we became a sought after software-partner of Big 4 public accounting firms, global networks, and large member firms around the world. Many of Kingland's clients are driven by regulatory pressure. But when the same regulatory-grade, cloud hosted technologies are applied to the public accounting industry, new revenue is generated and efficiencies are discovered throughout the entire operation.

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