Career Areas

We hire the brightest and most creative people and give them the tools necessary to become the best in their field. We also provide challenging work solving very difficult problems for some of the largest companies in the world. Find your future with us by learning more about what we do.

Life at Kingland

We strive to create a company culture that blends a Midwestern work ethic with expertise that is second-to-none. Our employees take pride in delivering high-quality products to our customers and push both themselves and their teams to be successful. Our employees work in a team-based setting using Agile Scrum principles, allowing them the freedom to be innovative as they work together to deliver high-quality solutions to some of the world's largest companies. At Kingland, you will find a group of motivated people who work hard towards a common goal, but have fun both inside and outside of work. From the moment you join the Kingland team we lay out a clear path for advancing your career in a predictable way.

College Internships

At Kingland, we recognize the importance of being able to explore opportunities, but we love to help individuals grow in their career paths even more. As an industry leader, Kingland’s foundation starts with interns who have the drive, innovation, and passion to become the best. Our interns grow through unique opportunities and challenging experiences.


Iowa State Student?

Kingland is proud to work with Iowa State University to offer advanced internship opportunities directly through CyHire. Kingland offers internships in the areas of; Business Analysis, Data Analysis, Human Resources, Information Technology, Marketing and Software Engineering.  Visit CyHire using the link below to find our current advanced internship opportunities.

Recruitment Events

Our Ames location makes it easy for us to frequently get involved with Iowa State students. We attend and sponsor many career events throughout the year. These events provide students the opportunity to meet Kingland team members and executives and learn about the work they do as a part of the Kingland team. These events are also a great opportunity to ask questions about the organization, the work that we perform, and about the career opportunities that exist at Kingland.