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End-to-End Solutions for Your Business Transformation

Use the power of your data to unlock the most challenging business solutions from client data management to independence compliance. That's the power of Kingland software.

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The Kingland Approach

For over 30 years Kingland has been solving some of the most complex data challenges of integral companies. Kingland’s fourth generation Platform capitalizes on years of cloud optimization and development to produce an optimized, scalable, and highly-customizable suite of data capabilities.

We Are The End-To-End Solution.

Our software does not replace existing systems, it strengthens them. Kingland is used best as an innovation partner to deliver a solution tailored to the unique needs of the client. Our solutions deliver faster and more effectively because of our scalable platform, our honed processes, and our proven people. We bring together the full power of a secure cloud platform with proven data capabilities customized for specific business needs.


Lead your industry’s digital transformation


Maximize the opportunities in your existing data


Create strategic growth for years to come


Deliver faster, at scale with the Kingland Platform.

Our Kingland Platform has been designed from the ground up to deliver global, enterprise-class capabilities faster than conventional software products.

Our approach is simple, professional and proven.

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World-Class Security

The Platform is built to protect, complying with the highest industry standards.

Modernized Experience

Increase efficiency and scale to your operations by transforming antiquated technology and data sources into a modernized UI/UX experience.

Managed System

Our Platform is an integrated system, managed and upgraded, ensuring responsiveness and resiliency to future opportunities and threats.

Intelligent Data

Text analytics capabilities transform unstructured data into structured data, powering everything from revenue to compliance operations.

Integrated Data

API and Data Integration capabilities augment and empower your existing data sources.

Cloud Optimization

Designed and natively-built for the cloud to power global data challenges in complex industries.


Public Accounting

Trusted by 6 of the top 8 public accounting firms, Kingland is delivering confidence to partners and teams in an ever-changing compliance world.

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Banking & Capital Markets

Kingland is transforming how global financial institutions use their customer and account data to provide transparency and resiliency. Experience digital transformation by truly understanding your customer.

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Commercial Insurance

Delivering insight and visibility in the data that drives policy, underwriting, and carrier business decisions for profitable growth by modernizing your legacy systems.

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Global Retail

Kingland is transforming how retailers use technology to deliver personalized experiences to their customers by modernizing critical and legacy systems for merchandising, vendor and supplier management, customer experience, and enterprise data management.

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Kingland Software in Action

DTCC Text Analytics Success
Consolidated Audit Trail
Global Retail Negotiations
Automated Risk Management

How Kingland's text analytics delivers for DTCC

Within eight months, DTCC used AI technology to enhance its solution by tracking, extracting and updating data from the SEC EDGAR database in real-time with an accuracy rate exceeding 99%.

Case Study
Capital Markets Solutions

Kingland's role with FINRA CAT

Kingland’s expertise in customer and account data dates back over 25 years, as does the Kingland track record of delivering software solutions to unique and challenging data requirements in the banking and capital markets industry. When FINRA needed a software partner to build the largest data integration in the history of financial services, Kingland was the logical choice to make it possible.

Case Study
Capital Markets Solutions

Grocer Improves Contract Negotiations from Days to Hours

One of the world‘s largest grocers wanted to optimize how its merchandise executives worked with vendors to provide the right product, at the right price, and at the right time. Using a system that would automate the contract process - updating prices, items, quantity, locations, and more - would allow this grocer to move the contract process along in a matter of minutes or hours rather than days.

Case Study
Retail Solutions

Using Data Automation to Minimize Risk

The Global Bank‘s previous system required thousands of hours of manual input and still produced low accuracy. The low accuracy undermined confidence, increased costs, and introduced risk. See how Kingland modernized a global bank's 2 Million Record Credit Risk Problem.

Case Study
Capital Markets Solutions

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From your journey to cloud to using machine learning and AI to bring structure to once useless data, we give you the roadmap to making your data work harder.


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