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Banking & Capital Markets

Transforming how global financial institutions use their customer and account data to provide transparency and resiliency.

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Digital Transformation: An Unprecedented Opportunity

Emerging opportunities lie at the intersection of business demands and regulatory requirements. In an area frequently marred by inadequate data and aging technology, those firms who best understand the asset value of their customer information will benefit for decades.

Experience digital transformation by truly understanding your customer – legal entity or natural person – and their many interactions across multiple business lines.

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Key Business Outcomes for Banking &
Capital Markets Organizations


Understand the complete customer picture using a central location that captures client data from internal and third-party tools. Firms can analyze data integrated from multiple sources, identify data gaps, and generate automated surveys to improve onboarding efficiency.


Identify data gaps and collect precise data points required for regulatory compliance reporting.


Intelligent automation of multiple risk data and processes enables firms to analyze and understand risk exposure and detect suspicious market activity across a network of associated customers and accounts.


Leverage critical client data, regulatory data, and more to identify opportunities and expand revenue by detecting repeat customers across business lines. Use this data to compete for high-value clients and create new data-driven products.

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Integrate and streamline the maintenance of disparate pools of client data to achieve a 360-degree view of your customer and their accounts

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Satisfy regulatory reporting and compliance needs with flexible data acquisition tools

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Enhance risk analysis across multiple business lines with robust hierarchy and relationship management

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Drive revenue growth and cross-selling activities across the enterprise with a complete view of your client data


Kingland's Client Data Management Software

The Kingland Platform combines our 35 years of data management experience with state-of-the-art software development processes and exchange-grade cloud security to form a superpower tool for client data management, all brought to life by our in-house industry experts.


Data Integration & Collection

Pull data from internal systems, public data sources, third-party data vendors, and unstructured documents to completely understand your customers.


Association Management

Understand your customers' associations to their accounts and to other customers of interest.


Data Augmentation

Augment legal entity data with hard-to-source data to build a single source of truth for your customers and their accounts.


Case Management

Build cases around your
customer and account data to drive downstream action.


Your Data Can Be More

At Kingland, we have built our business to solve the unique business, data, and technology demands of integral companies.

A Client-Centric Approach to Successful Transformation Programs

Transformation programs are all the rage throughout banking and capital markets firms. Almost 90% of banks will have launched a digital...
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As one of the world's most data-intensive, regulated companies, you don't have the luxury of making a mistake, and neither do we.

Your customer and account data is your most valuable asset. Integrating and augmenting the various systems that contain it is not for the faint of heart. Kingland integrates data from your existing systems and supports data accuracy across your entire organization, supporting a stronger customer data ecosystem and better business outcomes.

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See How Kingland's Data Automation Software Minimized Risk for a Global Bank

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Kingland solutions support more than 1,800 broker dealers, 300 asset managers, and hundreds of thousands of market participants. With a cornerstone in client data, Kingland is working with FINRA CAT to deliver the Consolidated Audit Trail (CAT) and has delivered and operates the leading Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) utility for DTCC. Additionally, the Kingland Data Platform has supported critical reference data solutions for the US mutual fund industry and risk and regulatory reporting data for various top tier institutions. Kingland's 35 years of industry expertise date back to its original founding as a pioneering regional broker dealer in the 1980s.

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Transformation programs are all the rage throughout banking and capital markets firms. Almost 90% of banks will have...
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