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Our Vision to Deliver Excellence

Reinventing the way organizations use data and technology to connect and protect their business

We are Kingland

Established in 1992, Kingland has had a consistent history of innovation, growth, and improvement focused on delivering excellence, professionally, in all we do.  We are one of the few software companies in the world appraised at a CMMI maturity level 5 and we provide our software as a service using our modern Kingland Platform.

With a financial services heritage originating in the mid-1980s, we've grown to serve global clients in banking, capital markets, insurance, public accounting, retail, and other industries. With three locations in the United States and one in China, our teams of technology and data thought leaders seamlessly connect across continents.  

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Our Clients

Our clients include some of the largest banks, auditors and insurance companies in the world. These firms know they can rely on Kingland to help them solve complex data, risk and regulatory compliance problems. These are some of the clients Kingland has worked with over our history.