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Delivering confidence
to make the world
work better.

Meeting the business objectives of our clients, with data solutions that produce technology transformations, requires great people. And ours are among the very best.


We develop enterprise software for the world’s most integral companies, connecting and protecting their business.

That's the mission. Our clients operate global businesses with hundreds of thousands of employees and millions of clients. Our job is to connect their business, help them work better, and protect our client’s data, business operations, and overall reputations. When our clients thrive because of Kingland software, the world simply works better.

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Kingland was recognized as an Iowa Top Workplace in 2022.


Our Clients

Our clients throughout our history include some of the largest banks, auditors, insurance and retail companies in the world. These firms know they can rely on Kingland to help them solve complex data, risk and regulatory compliance problems.

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