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DevOps + Security

Software is only as good as the ecosystem where it is built and managed. Every implementation of Kingland software benefits from a bespoke DevOps environment and our industry-leading security infrastructure.

By meeting or exceeding SSAE 18 SOC 2, ISO 27001, CMMI Level 5, and other third-party standards, our engineering processes and ecosystem set the tone for excellence.

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Expect More.


Expect More.

The DevOps + Security Ecosystem is the foundational environment that produces the speed, reliability, consistency, risk mitigation and functionality driving all of our products' capabilities.

Your data and reputation require software designed with the highest security requirements. Our engineers' experience in the most regulated fields in business ensures we develop and maintain an ecosystem that meets and exceeds best practices required by integral, enterprise-scale organizations.

Security Features

Managing a data organization built for the digital revolution with the highest levels of security is not for the faint of heart. We hold ourselves, our partners and our clients' solutions to the highest standards across industries.


Encrypt Everything

Every layer of software and piece of hardware that touches your data is fully encrypted.


Multi-Factor Authentication

We require MFA on all applications, networks, machines, and facilities that interact with our clients' data.


Cloud Security

Deployed correctly, cloud security actually improves data protections.


Risk Mitigation

By designing tools to contain risks our architecture is built to minimize and contain threats at every level.


Daily Managed Scans

All of our software is managed by Kingland security teams, ensuring not just scanning when it goes out the door, but every day it is in use.


Full GDPR Compliance

Security begins with privacy. We partner with third party, TrustArc, for testing and validation of Privacy Shield ecosystem.


Tailored Solutions

How Our Engineering Culture Produces Results in Months, Not Years.

We strategically invest in the scale and scope of the Kingland technology to produce repeatable solutions for our chosen industries.

We invest in DevOps  so you don't have to. Because of the complexity of integral companies, we tailor that foundation to our software solutions and your business goals. We absorb the responsibility and the risk of future technology obsolescence.

For some time, Kingland has been a leading provider of independence compliance systems to global networks of accounting firms - and I am excited that this global technology will provide a consistent, simplified and integrated user experience for all RSM people which will ultimately bring great benefits to the clients of RSM.
Marion Hannon
Global Leader of Quality and Risk

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