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We Are The End-To-End Solution.

Our software does not replace existing systems, it strengthens them. Kingland is used best as an innovation partner to deliver a solution tailored to the unique needs of the client. Our solutions deliver faster and more effectively because of our scalable products, our honed processes, and our proven people. We bring together proven data capabilities customized for specific business needs.
Technology Modernization

Lead your industry’s digital transformation

Business Transformation

Professional Services

Kingland software is designed to be user-friendly, but clients often need help getting started and, frankly, may just lack the resources needed to make material progress on their initiatives. Kingland’s services bring real subject-matter expertise and data skill sets to our clients to accelerate data programs and just start critical data initiatives with real, hands-on expertise.


Consulting & Future State Analysis

Assess current state processes, technologies, and data to build future state roadmaps and business cases.


Data Science & Data Analysis

Full range of data analysis, categorization, prioritization, data blending, auditing, operational/automation design, and data science.

Data Engineering

Loading of data sources, implementation of data automation and controls and related integrations, updating data pipelines, and further change management.

Data Operations / BPO

Manage data remediation, operational data quality, exception resolution, and audit.

Text Analytics & AI/ML Automation

Advanced data science consulting and implementation support for Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning models and related data pipelines.

Custom Reporting & Applications

Design and implement custom data analytics reporting, data- driven applications, new data products.


Deliver faster, at scale with Kingland.

Our solutions are designed from the ground up to deliver global, enterprise-class capabilities faster than conventional software products.

Our approach is simple, professional and proven.

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World-Class Security

Our software is built to protect, complying with the highest industry standards.

Modernized Experience

Increase efficiency and scale to your operations by transforming antiquated technology and data sources into a modernized UI/UX experience.

Managed System

Our solutions are integrated, managed and upgraded, ensuring responsiveness and resiliency to future opportunities and threats.

Intelligent Data

Text analytics capabilities transform unstructured data into structured data, powering everything from revenue to compliance operations.

Integrated Data

API and Data Integration capabilities augment and empower your existing data sources.

Cloud Optimization

Designed and natively-built for the cloud to power global data challenges in complex industries.

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