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Our Clients

When our clients thrive because of our software, the world simply works better. Our clients include some of the largest banks, auditors, insurance and retail companies in the world. These firms know they can rely on Kingland to help them solve complex data, risk and regulatory compliance problems. These are some of the clients Kingland has worked with over our history.



Success Stories

Explore how the Kingland Platform has helped integral companies solve complex data problems.

DTCC Text Analytics Success
Consolidated Audit Trail
Automated Risk Management

How Kingland's text analytics delivers for DTCC

Within eight months, DTCC used AI technology to enhance its solution by tracking, extracting and updating data from the SEC EDGAR database in real-time with an accuracy rate exceeding 99%.

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Capital Markets Solutions

Kingland's role with FINRA CAT

Kingland’s expertise in customer and account data dates back over 25 years, as does the Kingland track record of delivering software solutions to unique and challenging data requirements in the banking and capital markets industry. When FINRA needed a software partner to build the largest data integration in the history of financial services, Kingland was the logical choice to make it possible.

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Capital Markets Solutions

Using Data Automation to Minimize Risk

The Global Bank‘s previous system required thousands of hours of manual input and still produced low accuracy. The low accuracy undermined confidence, increased costs, and introduced risk. See how Kingland modernized a global bank's 2 Million Record Credit Risk Problem.

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Retail Solutions

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