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Delivering insight and visibility in the data that drives policy, underwriting, and carrier business decisions for profitable growth.

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Complete Client Relationships: Create Unrivaled Underwriting Excellence

Industry-leading enterprise data management software that integrates data and systems, enabling commercial line carriers to identify heightened exposure to loss through business and producer associations.

Insurance Policy

Key Business Outcomes for Insurance Carriers


Handle millions of client data records and associated affiliated companies and related people. Teams can write policies faster, reduce the amount of servicing after the sale, follow through on claims quicker and more accurately, and provide acceptable coverage limits.


Use advanced hierarchy management, client-defined and configurable relationship types, and inheritance rules. Underwriters can access hierarchy data that provides a comprehensive view of ownership and insight.


Create insight-driven policies powered by automated workflows and rules, ensuring underwriters can confidently and accurately speed up their go-to-market efforts with real-time data. Our most powerful search engine enables users and systems to find the correct client data.

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Modernize aging systems and legacy technologies to improve underwriter efficiency

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Improve understanding of your risk exposure to make more informed underwriter decisions

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Write more profitable business that aligns with your risk appetite


Kingland's Commercial Insurance Software

Make your data work smarter. De-risk policy pricing using fit-for-purpose and industry-tested capabilities, allowing teams to understand, manage, and act on their risk exposure.


Advanced Hierarchy Management

Reduce your losses with a complete yet simplified view of your expansive hierarchy data relationships.


Configurable Workflows 

Ensure the right people see the right data for the right tasks with intuitive alerts and actions, meaning more desirable policies are delivered quickly.


Data Quality

Our purpose-built and industry-specific rules engine delivers accuracy and flexibility to your processes, putting you in control of your underwriting data.


Data Transparency

Streamline underwriting processes by connecting siloed people and processes to accurate enterprise data.


Make Your Data Work Harder

At Kingland, we have built our business to solve the unique business, data, and technology demands of integral companies.

Understanding Your Exposure to Socially Risk-Averse Business Partners

War comes with risk and devastatingly immeasurable losses. Identifying risk and anticipating loss is what the insurance industry does, and they do it...
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Helping Clients Make Better Informed Decisions

Managing a database of client, counterparty, and related data becomes increasingly difficult as a business grows. Whether creating (e.g., onboarding...
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Streamline confident decisions and remove the complexity of writing profitable business.

Changes in market and data availability obscure an underwriter’s capacity to see all the relationships among businesses. Augmenting and implementing siloed data is essential – especially when trying to understand non-ownership relationships. Kingland integrates data from existing systems, providing a simple, complete, and single view of your client data ecosystem.

Case Study

Insurance Giant Reduces Risk of Internal Pricing Competition Among Brokers & Underwriters

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One of the largest insurance companies in the world implemented a system design process that improved transparency of the company’s submission data for brokers and underwriters. Kingland's cloud-based, enterprise software helped them eliminate internal pricing competition and track the full submission lifecycle.

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Insurance Insights

Get the latest insights on how to accelerate the digital transformation of your integral business.

April 5th, 2022
Understanding Your Exposure to Socially Risk-Averse Business Partners
Understanding Your Exposure to Socially Risk-Averse Business Partners
War comes with risk and devastatingly immeasurable losses. Identifying risk and anticipating loss is what the insurance...
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February 24th, 2020
Building Relationships through Data and Technology
Building Relationships through Data and Technology
The relationship between data and technology is a Valentine's Day relationship worthy of celebration. This is a...
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December 28th, 2018
Language Models and How to Process Diverse Content
Language Models and How to Process Diverse Content
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