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Unlock the Most Valuable Data

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Introduce Accurate Insight into Processes and Decision-making

Act on emerging risks and gain deeper customer insight by connecting your policies and people with data from documents and other sources. 

Kingland helps you navigate the complexities of a global commercial insurance business with its intelligent data and analytics software platform. The Kingland Platform can help you quickly analyze text-heavy documents, pulling out critical data attributes important for both brokers as well as providers to manage underwriting, distribution, claims and audit quality. Improving efficiency by reading and extracting data 400 times faster than a human, the platform transforms manual processes that provide incomplete results or be resource-intensive. 

Read the use cases below to see how we help organizations make better decisions using an enterprise-scale application for data extraction, management and analytics. 

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Connect data with your network of people and products 

Customer Insight

Associate customer insight to individual producers that allows you to truly understand linkages among insurance products, producers and clients. 

Risk Management

Visualize and analyze enterprise data in any format to monitor and assess the health of your operations.

Data Management

Accurately extract and manage structured and unstructured data from enterprise systems.




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"Their key strength is their subject matter expertise and high quality people."

Fortune 500 Executive Director 

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Documents: The Enterprise Data Goldmine

For years and years, regulatory and legal requirements have created hundreds if not thousands of processes that require companies to capture information in documents or records. This information includes details about their customers, suppliers, market activity, and many other facets of their business. 

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A Simple Decision Framework for Data

Follow this simple framework for successful enterprise data projects. How you collect, manage, use, govern and protect your data can lead to faster decision making, fewer political battles, and more efficient use of IT budgets. 

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Insurance Giant Reduces Pricing Risk

Insurance Giant Reduces Pricing Risk

One of the largest insurance companies in the world implemented a system design process that improved transparency of the company's submission data for brokers and underwriters by eliminating internal pricing competition and tracking the full submission lifecycle.

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