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Kingland Entity Management

The Kingland Entity Management product enables teams to understand clients and all their relationships by safeguarding Independence, avoiding conflicts of interest, and empowering teams to accept new business.  Discover why seven of the top eight public accounting firms choose Kingland.
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12 million+
financial products and relationships among employees, families, and companies.
publicly-traded companies and 2.5 million subsidiary and affiliated companies.
10 billion+
quality rules, field validations, and hierarchy inheritance calculations ran each year.



Find Answers to Your Questions.

What is Entity Management?

Entity Management is a highly secure, highly scalable, cloud-hosted software product that enables teams to manage and use regulatory-grade data to confidently power risk and compliance decisions. 

Why do I need Entity Management? 

Entity Management enables teams to manage a complete and factual view of client records, legal entities, and hierarchies to ensure conflict checks, risk checks, and independence assessments are made confidently. 

How is Entity Management deployed?

Entity Management is deployed as a single-tenant private cloud environment that is fully managed by Kingland.

What security measures are taken to ensure the data managed in Entity Management is protected?

Security and Data Privacy are top of mind and Entity Management is audited annually under global and national security standards. AICPA SSAE 18 SOC2 Type 2 (all five trust services criteria included), the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), and ISO 27001 are a few of the many requirements, agencies, and standards we work with, follow, and track. In addition, we have received our approval from TrustArc (TrustE) for controls and practices related to data privacy under the Privacy Shield program. 

Will the Entity Management integrate with my enterprise SSO application?

Yes, Entity Management integrates with your enterprise SSO application. Your Kingland Client Engagement representative will work with you on that integration.

How does the Entity Management integrate with my existing systems? 

Entity Management has a robust integration framework, including APIs, that enables seamless connections with your organization's CRM, MDM, Practice Management Systems, Data Warehouses, and more

How much does Entity Management cost?

Entity Management has an enterprise pricing model that is tailored to meet your specific business needs. Please contact Kingland.


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