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Decision Management

Automate and govern the most important decisions in your client and engagement acceptance processes.

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Configure workflow by service to expedite authorization across the business. Leverage 25+ service classifications. Configure new services and classifications through Reference data

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Accelerate conflict checks with direct access to Entity Management’s restricted list data. Send questionnaires globally to those that need to respond. Track all responses across hundreds of potential recipients to inform a final decision.

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Automatically deliver a series of questionnaires to stakeholders to collect information. Determine whether a client should be accepted based on aggregated information. Utilize risk tracking in responses to alert additional stakeholders to heightened risk.

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Configure Decision Management to automate and govern any decision using the same tools that power the three key use cases above.

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0 1 Services Authorization
0 2 Conflict Checking
0 3 Client and Engagement Acceptance
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The Value of Managed Decisions



Maximize revenue growth opportunities by speeding up business approval.

  • Involve the right people each time with specially configured workflows for each service line.
  • Benefit from the reuse of data across teams, reducing rework.
  • Win the business before other firms by reaching conclusions on conflicts and acceptance first.


Accept and continue client relationships while checking the right regulatory requirements.

  • Increase your compliance rate with an integrated and automated conflict checking process.

  • Conflict checks are all made from the same core affiliate dataset.

  • Kingland's compliance engine ensures the right clients and affiliates are marked as restricted.

  • Your firm avoids approving impermissible services due to incorrect data.



Streamline onboarding, acceptance, and continuance decision making in one system.

  • Consolidate ecosystems where each service line has their own client onboarding system.
  • Focus on one business system for all regulatory decisions.

How do we do it?

Flexibility to meet you where you are, automation to get you where you need to be.

Request Generation

Seamlessly integrate with your existing systems and processes. Systematically or manually generate risk and compliance decisions.

Collect Information

A dynamic question engine asks the right questions to make a decision. Enable confidence by collecting required documentation.


Stakeholder Review

Engage the right people at the right step in the process. Govern your decision-making process with smart, context-based stakeholder routing.

Final Decision & Management

Decision Management enables decision makers to optimize results. Store all decisions against the right client data for future reference.

Why is Kingland Trusted by the Largest Public Accounting Firms and Networks?

Since 1999, Kingland has delivered global Independence Compliance management software solutions tailored for the Public Accounting industry. Kingland software has securely supported over 1,000,000 accounting professionals across more than 150 countries. Our teams specialize in orchestrating large volumes of critical data throughout complex and global networks of users, companies, and legacy systems.

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