Insights for Optimization

The data required to comply with independence regulations and to manage risk well are significant. Yet through these processes, the creation and refinement of data can provide valuable insight to partners working to optimize their customer's service experience. What if you could unlock this information to optimize client service, pursue profitable business, and grow wallet share within your clients? 

Building upon our independence and risk management solutions and using the Kingland Platform, we are able to deliver solutions to public accounting firms to unlock actionable insights within a member firm and across a network. Our Kingland analytics enable you to answer questions such as:

  • Can you show me the hot spots of financial services clients subject to audit rotation in the next 15 months in Europe where I also have a strong advisory practice?
  • Can you show me clients (and associated offices) where partner rotation is required within 18 months of a potential audit tender?
  • What offices are serving the highest risk clients with the lowest ratio of partner to staff in Asia?
  • Which clients, larger than 1 Billion EUR in annual turnover, are current advisory clients but our annual engagement size is less than 5 Million EUR or we are doing fewer than three engagements within the family tree?
  • For organizations that we are targeting for new business, what existing clients' directors and officers have relationships between the potential new customer and the existing customer?

We answer these questions and more. Our Kingland Data Analytics enable you to visualize, analyze, and interrogate your data in new ways.

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