Know more from your data and analytics

Insurance firms typically lack a complete and unified view of their clients and related submissions, quotes, policies, and claims.  This situation is due to organizational models creating silos of information across business lines and geographical units.  Information technology projects conclude without completing the journey on system integration and application modernization.

The lack of complete and unified views cause underwriting to assess risk incorrectly, brokers to issue incorrect quotes, and claims processing to be inefficient.  From marketing to end of the policy lifecycle, this information about your customers either provides you a competitive advantage or puts your firm in a lagging position. You need to understand the effectiveness of your marketing activity, adequately assess risk for underwriting, leverage retention metrics, and so much more.  

Kingland provides industry leading solutions built on the Kingland Platform to create competitive differentiators for our clients. Our solutions use interactive data quality diagnostics tools that begin the journey to "knowing more" and then we inject our technology into the appropriate parts of your business workflow to provide you leading insights.

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