Optimize your marketing spend and customer retention

Large, global insurance companies depend on brokers and producers to distribute their products to clients. Significant dollars are spent influencing these producers to sell certain products and to retain key clients. Yet, the data that the insurance company has to manage these producers is lacking - partial information, silos of information, tools that are strong on marketing and weak on data management.  Add to this that producers move around from firm to firm, and you get a perfect storm that prevents insurance companies from:

  • Measuring and optimizing the effectiveness of marketing and sales efforts to producers
  • Protecting and growing key accounts when a producer retires or moves to another firm
  • Hearing the customer insights directly

As the digital marketing and marketing scale increase, the challenge of understanding the linkages between insurance product, producer, and client through time increases. Further, the plethora of systems to manage the information becomes unwieldy.

By having accurate producer information insurance firms can truly understand their marketing efforts, incorporate customer feedback, and grow their business.  Our Kingland Distribution Management solution connects the dots by connecting disparate systems of producer information together.  In addition to the basics - name, address, contact information - we link the individual producer to the producer organization and include the needed preferences, such as contact methods, languages, industries, product types, and geographies. We connect with common sales and marketing solutions, such as Salesforce, as well as customer integrations with your internal solutions.

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