Celebrating 25 years of innovation

managing risk, compliance and data.

You're under constant pressure to know more...

about your customers, about your partners, about the ever-evolving world around you. You have more regulations,
more complexity, more gaps to identify and pitfalls to avoid than ever before.


We are the innovative company that created the software and refined the data

used by the world's largest banking, audit, and insurance companies

to manage risk and improve their business.

Our clients see threats and opportunities clearly,

feel empowered to act decisively, and know how to confidently protect  their institutions and shareholders.

Industry Solutions

Kingland delivers strategic data driven solutions that are purpose-built to industry requirements — so our clients always know more.

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Solution Platform

Our solution platform means faster, more efficient, more reliable solutions that suit your complex operating environment.

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Our experts will help you design, develop, implement, and realize the benefits of your new solution swiftly — and with less risk.

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Discover the confidence of knowing.

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