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The technology infrastructure partner for DTCC’s GMEI utility, Kingland Systems is proud to be a part of the team and celebrate the utility’s second year […]

Data Management Maturity (DMM) Model Made Public May 30th, 2014 – The DMM model is a reference model intended to assist organizations in defining the business processes […]

Kingland Systems is the winner of the 2013 IBM Information Management ASL Excellence Award for Kingland’s comprehensive solution offerings utilizing IBM technology and software.

The Secure Development Award recognizes companies that have the most securely developed software applications scanned by Veracode.

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Working at Kingland Systems gives employees the opportunity to become the best in their field – our professionals are guided by our entrepreneurial spirit to grow and collaborate on the next big idea, and our interns work side-by-side with fulltime staff to gain real world experience.

Why Kingland?

Kingland Systems is a global leader in solving complex compliance and data problems. We specialize in securities master, entity, and hierarchy data management and enterprise risk management software development. Our software and data solutions are used by many of the world’s largest financial services and accounting institutions to better manage risk and comply with regulations.