More than Artificial Intelligence

Extract insight from the infinite mass of unstructured data within legacy systems, documents and even public websites and repositories with the Cognitive Computing suite of the Kingland Platform. The components within our cognitive engine accurately and efficiently turn unstructured data sources into structured data used in financial services, audit, compliance, and customer intelligence solutions, unlocking actionable insight. 

Organizations are starting to realize the benefits of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies by identifying trends, culling relevant information, and improving the speed and accuracy of data analysis. Clients employ the Kingland cognitive engine to scour hundreds of thousands of internal documents that represent information about the data sets they must manage for internal or regulatory requirements. The engine uses neural networks, named entity recognition, and natural language processing to harvest, read, and comprehend industry-specific documents and a series of artificial intelligence and machine learning components to evaluate accuracy, quality, and automate repetitive tasks. 

When combined with the other components of the Kingland Platform, the Cognitive Computing suite transforms into a data solution that accelerates development projects by 50 percent and removes the inefficiencies inherent in maintaining legacy systems, obsolete technology, outdated processes, and the growing mountains of data. This is accomplished through means such as statistical pattern learning, text categorization, text clustering, concept/entity extraction, natural language processing, production of granular taxonomies, sentiment analysis, document summarization, and entity relation modeling.