Ensure data integrity and consistency

At Kingland, we've taken our decades of experience serving the financial and accounting industries to create a series of core application components that allows us to build solutions faster. We do this by including the pieces that are most common to enterprise class capabilities such as security, search, exception and audit logging, queuing, notifications, workflow, business rules, and identity and access management services, which brings us 60-80 percent of the way to meeting clients' needs.

The Enterprise Application Foundation suite provides the foundational architecture that allows us to not only meet enterprise scalability, extensibility, and security requirements, but to reduce schedules by many weeks with the built-in capabilities for enterprise integration. Clients, for example, can rely on a full audit trail to capture and report on every email sent, enabling full compliance reporting. Also, optimized for today's global, cloud environments, the Enterprise Application Foundation comes ready for continuous test, deploy, and other DevOps enabled capabilities required by today's agile software development cycles.