Solutions for unique enterprise-class data requirements

The Kingland Platform provides enterprise-class data, analytics, cognitive, and work automation software that powers our client specific solutions. With more than 40 components in the Kingland Platform, we quickly create solutions that meet the unique data-intensive, enterprise scale, global, and regulatory needs of our clients. The modular nature of our Platform components allows clients to achieve complex project objectives in half the time of legacy buy, install, and develop software projects while using a cognitive foundation for future technology advancement.  

Our industry-tested components are housed in four integrated modules - Enterprise Data Management, Enterprise Application Foundation, Cognitive Computing, Data Analytics. These modules deliver greater insight into the massive amounts of structured and unstructured data throughout an organization and provide future-proofed capabilities for data-intensive, cloud-based solutions. 

Near real-time notifications, based on rules and workflows, help organizations maintain and improve data quality. A legal entity action processing system crawls the web and uses various information extraction techniques to obtain information about current or future legal entity actions to keep your organization informed of material changes. Every component is engineered to deliver business insight that reduces risk and lowers cost. 

Because the Platform contains an integrated network of proven components, clients are already 60-80 percent of the way toward their solution. The software-based components within the Platform allow Kingland and our clients to design and build solutions that scale to specific requirements and root out inefficiencies inherent in maintaining legacy systems, obsolete technology, and outdated processes. The 'last mile of the solution can be customized to meet unique enterprise requirements.