Strengthen your Data Strategy

Similar to buying a home, the data governance and maturity appraisal can assess your value to the organization through the maturity level score on the DMM and DCAM. Kingland data governance and maturity expert Jeff Gorball, the only person in the world accredited in both the DCAM and DMM, will lead you through an assessment that reveals a formal maturity rating score. 

The appraisal will guide you toward a better understanding of how well your data strategy is aligned with business goals and the health of your data management program.

For example, 26% of global companies and 32% of U.S. companies believe their data is inaccurate, according to a 2015 report from Experian. Blaznet reports nearly 23% of measured data quality issues than satisfactory, with data integrity, accuracy and consistency being the largest quality problems.

Data problems are business problems. Contact Kingland for your data governance and maturity appraisal.