Improve Decision-Making Capabilities

Data never stops moving. It rushes through the veins of your operations, affecting every device, organization, and individual that interacts wth your business. The best organizations efficiently manage data and understand the hows and whys of their data decisions because they've completed a full assessment and training workshop designed to fit their data governance and maturity program.

Most assessments begin with a conversation with data governance and management expert Jeff Gorball. He explains how the Assessment and Training program, which consists of four core phases, can help you target your work with your business needs. 

Jeff, an expert certified in both DCAM and DMM, will help you shape the data governance and management workshop according to your assessment score and organizational needs.

He will start with a scoping exercise, working with a sponsor from your organization to help ensure that the appropriate data areas and stakeholders are identified. After the scoping exercise is complete, our engagement lead, data management expert and your sponsor validate participants for each session of the engagement. 

The Assessment and Training workshops are conducted to educate your staff on what activities they should be performing, why, and how they are linked to other activities. After the assessment workshop we analyze the findings relative to your objectives and the model expectations and develop precise and targeted recommendations tailored for your organization.

At the end of the analysis period, we deliver a detailed and comprehensive report and set of recommendations to you as the culmination of the governance and maturity assessment.