Understand your Data Quality Issues

At Kingland, we can help you quantify and identify the root cause of your data quality issues through an expert-led data quality assessment. Discover and solve your complex, risk management data quality challenges quickly and cost effectively. Kingland Data Diagnostics tools are the first of their kind to use a diagnostic approach to identify data quality issues in legal entity data and provide analytics that help users understand how to look at the data like an advanced data analyst. Our data scientists and analysts use advanced tools to work with you to quickly assess exactly where you stand today with your critical data assets.  

You can leverage our Data Diagnostics tools and years of subject matter expertise to

  • Report on quantified data quality issues
  • Prioritize and discuss your options for data cleansing and remediation
  • Uncover root cause issues that can improve data governance and data maintenance going forward

Assessments can be completed in as fast as two weeks or through multi-month engagements with extensive analysis. From projects as small as 10,000 records to as large as 25 million, Kingland can help you move forward confidently to prioritize your data budget effectively and avoid costly rework. 

Want more? Watch our Data Diagnostics video.