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Enterprise Data & Decisions

Improve business outcomes from accurately curated data

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Modern Enterprise Data Management

Global businesses require reliable enterprise data to drive operational processes, client on-boarding and customer relationship management, risk and compliance, and many other functions. From legal entity and hierarchy data about clients, counterparties, or suppliers, to individual data about customers or employees, to accounts, securities, or even retail products, this enterprise data requires efficient stewardship and safe, secure, and easy ways to integrate into enterprise processes.

Modernize data management efforts with the ability to process millions and billions of records at scale while protecting the most sensitive information. Build new applications on top of current enterprise data to better understand customers, vendors and products. 

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New Approaches to Data Quality

Identify data quality issues in real time and allow users to identify and resolve issues.  

Intelligent Data Governance

Promote governance of data and data-related business processes for users as well as system to system integration patterns.

Hierarchy Management 

Navigate legal entity hierarchies and product hierarchies containing thousands of records.

Kingland has an ability to see the whole thing, not just the part they are contracted to do."

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