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Enterprise Data Management

Connect the Enterprise with Data Analytics

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Modernize Enterprise Data Management

Confirm a single source of truth by connecting people, applications and processes with reliable data and analytics.
Kingland leverages 25 years of domain experience to provide the data management functionality expected by global organizations. The Kingland Enterprise Data Management Platform Suite offers a variety of fully-configurable engines, giving you control of your rules, workflows, user permissions, reference data and more. The suite is backed by the scalability and security of cloud and DevSecOps best practices. 
Seamless legacy system integration through a variety of integration options provides immediate business value. When a full-stack solution is required, our Professional Service staff is prepared to design and implement a fully-customized user experience. 
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“Kingland is more than a job shop. They come to us with ideas in both technology and solutions.” 

anaging Director at a Financial Services Company

Hierarchy Management

Utilize graph database technology to quickly view and manage associations between entities, people, users and products.

Data Quality Analytics

Discover important data quality metrics about managed data, enabling downstream decision-making and action.

Workflow & Rules

Satisfy your data governance strategy through fully configurable workflows and customizable data rules.

Application Foundation

Includes caching, scheduling, logging, authentication, data access service and more.

Data Integration

Integrate data with client systems, including REST APIs, message queues, and batch/ETL. 

Data Management UI

Full control and transparency into legal entity, hierarchy, natural person, agreement, securities, and insurance data management.

Cloud & DevSecOps

Scalability, security, flexibility and a mix of best practices including continuous integration and delivery and microservices architecture.

Data Domains

Accelerate projects with out-of-the-box capabilities for common data domains, including legal entity, natural person, and securities.

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Data Quality: Can I Trust My Client Data?

The most successful data quality strategies always employ a comprehensive set of rules supported by real-time validation scans. See how we cover the four governing rules of data quality - completeness, conformity, consistency and duplication. 

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CDO Leadership: Yesterday's Fairy Tale is today's Reality

Sometimes we all need a good story, especially as we look at the priorities for 2019. We re-envisioned the Goldilocks story to help leaders continuously learn, investigate new technologies and better understand data.

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Simple Decision Framework for Data

At Kingland, we use a simple decision-making framework to help facilitate the discussion and hone in on the potential requirements. Read about the framework and see if it helps you make key decisions about data in the context of your projects.

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