Track financial relationships automatically


Discretionary accounts.  Spousal Retirement Plans.  Personal investment accounts.  Children's college saving accounts.

How does a partner or staff member keep track of all of the investments in each account in a timely manner? Partners and staff are busy providing clients service. Disclosure of financial interests can easily take a back seat to the "day job."

Built from a twenty-five year foundation of processing securities transactions for the largest banks in the world, Kingland has built financial relationship data automation as a component of the Kingland Independence solution, processing data from brokerages around the globe. We process position and transaction files in real time from leading brokerage firms and clearing brokers daily. Investments are compared immediately to what is restricted in the system for the individual's role, location, and other factors. Exception and notification messages are sent automatically as appropriate.

We remove mundane tasks such as data entry through automation. Our clients simply authorize the brokerage firm to send financial relationship data daily and our system takes care of everything else - files, processes, tracking, notifications, updates, exception managment and more. Risk of forgetfulness or incomplete disclosure is removed.  Our clients have the confidence of knowing that job is taken care of automatically.

With all major clearing firms and brokerage firms in North America and many others in material jurisdictions around the globe, Kingland offers a truly global solution for disclosure of personal financial relationships in the organization. Some of our clients have made this a mandatory process for partners and staff.

Automate your financial relationships disclosures today.