Remove uncertainty from member firm financial relationship independence


While the number of member firms in each global public accounting network are few when compared to the number of partners and staff, the challenges of monitoring financial relationships that each member firm has remains a challenge.  Like partners, network member firms have financial relationships with banks, funds, and other financial institutions and are covered by similar independence rules. Historically, these relationships were not well tracked in a system, as the system would be too expensive to build for the number of holdings. Yet, there is now a better way.

The Kingland Independence solution helps clients prove firm independence. Four simple processes are inherent in the solution:

  • Create the member firm in the application
  • Establish the rules for that member firm
  • Disclose the financial relationships
  • Adjudicate any potential independence exceptions

Kingland's integrated solution provides you all of the expected aspects - dynamic workflow, flexible clearance questions, global visibility, member firm data privacy, full audit trails, and the like - to ensure services provided by a firm are independent in fact or appearance. 

You can have certainty. Provide the same independence strength for member firm financial relationships as you do for your partners, managers, and staff.

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