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Kingland Platform

The Kingland Platform

Understanding opportunities and risks faster in data intensive enterprises

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Kingland Platform

Cloud-ready, Text Analytics for Enterprise Data Management

The Kingland Platform enables organizations to jump-start enterprise data management projects, helping organizations complete complex, data-intensive projects within six to 12 months.

Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, the platform introduces a modern architecture of more than 40 cloud-optimized components that help organizations explore and visualize any data from any source, accurately access and standardize unstructured data, and automate processes that enable clients to achieve complex project objectives in less than half the time of legacy buy, install, and develop software projects. 


The Kingland Suites

Machine Learning

Understand risk as it relates to people, places and products. Monitor and automate updates - in real-time - the sources that are important to your operational requirements. 

Using text analytics, organizations can rely on a powerful text analytics engine instead of teams of individuals to reliably discover, extract and retrieve any data from any source. 

Enterprise Data Management

Modernize your enterprise data management with expansive  reference data models, intuitive hierarchy management, and powerful workflows, rules, and data governance capabilities to create and maintain your data. 

Minimize support costs and risk through consistent categorization of data, secure data access, comprehensive versioning and audit tracking, and rich search capabilities that scale to support tens or hundreds of millions of documents.

Enterprise Application Foundation

Reduce data project implementation by several weeks with a single, comprehensive framework of common functionality that's found in most software applications. 

Integrate and protect your data with an architecture that allows organizations to scale to future data needs while working with legacy systems. 

Data Analytics

Improve your understanding of operations, quality, efficiency, and overall performance through data aggregation, queuing concepts, rich charting libraries and more. 

Define, execute and query analytics-based diagnostics along with the ability to see analytics related to workflow and execution performance of solution business processes.

Get results in weeks, not months.

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Platform Update

New Kingland Platform Updates Focus on Enterprise Requirements

Latest Platform offerings include cross microservices transaction support, enhanced PDF table extraction, the ability to manage reference data through the platform data management UI, enhanced workflow and rules capabilities.

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4th Gen Platform

Kingland Introduces 4th Generation Enterprise Software Platform

Understand how the fourth generation, modular-based platform technology can help you reduce risk and drive business results trhough accurate, consistent, and maintained enterprise data across a range of application systems.

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