Expand your view of legal entity corporate actions & alerts

The Kingland Legal Entity Actions and Alerts solution uses one-of-a-kind, award winning, cognitive technology to continuously monitor over 45,000 sources of information. Delivering precise, actionable alerts related to your entities of interest, this solution identifies and tracks corporate actions as they are announced, and monitors their status until they are officially completed and confirmed in the marketplace. Clients understand what corporate actions have taken place with their customers, see pending future actions, and can prepare or model business or operational outcomes. Mergers, acquisitions, name changes, bankruptcy, divestiture and other critical corporate events are monitored and with client-specific configurations, additional facts can be monitored specific to a firm's risk, KYC, or client management programs. 

Whether consumed through our Reference Data as a Service solution or in conjunction with our Legal Entity Data & Hierarchy solution, firms can take a proactive approach to their data monitoring needs for all legal entities. By consuming a feed format or viewing data through a simplified user interface and tooling, firms can leverage Kingland's Legal Entity Actions and Alerts to meet risk, regulatory and operational requirements for the monitoring of their customers.