Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements


Compliance with personal financial regulations is a difficult requirement for global professional services firms. Jurisdictions around the world have different rules pertaining to personal financial relationships such as ownership of stocks, bonds, funds, etc. At the same time, partners, managers, and staff members have countless financial relationships in companies, governments, and funds, held with various financial institutions. With all the data and rules adding complexity when more transparency is needed, how can an individual member firm, much less a global organization, track and monitor compliance efficiently?

Independence, powered by the Kingland Platformis the most used personal independence compliance software across the public accounting profession. Showcasing a modern user interface, Independence delivers more than the basics of manual disclosure and clearance workflow. Efficient data integration removes laborious data management tasksClients use the fine-grained adjudication of multiple rule sets to adhere to regulation and policy while providing the most flexibility to partners and practitioners to have financial interests. Full integration into other key independence tools - including compliance confirmations, inspections, automated brokerage integration

Streamlined to reduce the overhead of compliance for practitioners, Independence provides the surveillance required by independence compliance professionals. In the application, each action is logged and key actions are put in queues for review by monitoring users. Further actions by the monitoring users are in an audit trail, providing transparency throughout the organization.

Independence is a complete solution - architected for each use, global usage, and local data protections.

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