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Your Data Can Be More

The Kingland Platform

Your data needs to work harder. Our Platform allows you to integrate, accelerate, and unlock the value of your data for digital transformation.

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Key Platform Features

Capitalizing on the ground laid by our DevOps, Security, and Cloud Optimization, our complete Platform transforms optimized cloud components and combines them with custom Kingland IP to produce fully operative components that empower all our clients' platform-based solutions.


APIs & Integration Framework

Collect data from multiple sources (e.g., CRM, 3rd party vendors) to enrich and maintain your enterprise data. Power confident decisions from seamless API and batch data integrations.


Enterprise Data Management

Support enterprise-level data governance with configurable rules, workflows, and secure administrative functions. Teams can confidently manage datasets of all sizes and in any format.


Hierarchy Management

Simplify how you view and manage complex relationships from expansive data in real-time. Quickly search, drag, drop, copy, paste, and more to understand your universe of client data.


Document Processing

Industry-tested and trusted, the Kingland Platform accurately identifies, imports, segments, and classifies data from all documents with hyper accuracy.


Cloud Optimization

Relying on the cloud's resiliency, performance, and security ensures that your curated cloud components function as predicted, scale to your future needs, and are cost-effective.


DevOps + Security

Decades of investment, certifications, testing, and more go into our environment, producing reliable, consistent, and secure solutions that meet the needs of our clients.


Delivering Confidence in Your Data for Over 30 Years

Since 1992, Kingland has been solving some of the most complex challenges of integral companies. Kingland’s fourth generation Platform capitalizes on years of cloud optimization and development to produce a securely integrated, scalable, and modern solution that industry leaders need.



DevOps + Security

Our custom ecosystem built for speed, reliability, consistency, and the highest levels of data risk mitigation.

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Cloud Optimization

Our tailored cloud solutions bring the full power of the AWS or Google Cloud to your data software and operations.

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For some time, Kingland has been a leading provider of independence compliance systems to global networks of accounting firms - and I am excited that this global technology will provide a consistent, simplified and integrated user experience for all RSM people which will ultimately bring great benefits to the clients of RSM.
Marion Hannon
Global Leader of Quality and Risk
We have 27,000 securities on the database with 5 million data points and we have a confidence rate of over 99%. That's really important because the dealers have to know that the information that they're using to sell products to their clients; it is critical that it be accurate.
Managing Director at DTCC

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