Meet Regulatory Reporting Deadlines

When faced with an impending regulatory reporting deadline, additional resources and expertise can ensure that reported data is accurate and "compliance-ready." Each year brings at least one new regualtory reporting requirement in countries around the globe, and historic systems and proceses rarely produce the data, or the data quality required to comply. With specialization in securities, client, counterparty, legal entity data, and complex hierarchy data, Kingland services are customized to meet your requirements. Organizations regularly use our remediation activities to increase the accuracy, consistency, validity, and completeness of data quality. In fact, clients have reported that Kingland teams complete work as much as 40 times faster than other teams.

In a regulatory data remediation project, we will assign a dedicated team to deliver to the precise requirements of your program. Kingland subject matter experts have spent years managing and analyzing data and require little training, which allows us to begin work as soon as possible. Our professionals are equipped with sophisticated data tools and leverage a unique on-shore data cleansing operation to help you stay ahead of schedules, decrease project risk, and provide higher quality data. The result: instant access to expertise and additional resources to take the risk out of your critical regulatory reporting schedule.