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Discover how comprehensive data management provides an innovative customer experience

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Deliver Better Customer Experiences

Transform how you use technology to deliver personalized experiences to your customers. Modernize critical and legacy systems for merchandising, vendor and supplier management, customer experience, and enterprise data management across the enterprise through in-store and online channels.

The Kingland Data Platform and our customized design process solves many of the top problems facing our retail clients:

  • Aged and neglected systems (usually 10 to 20 years old) that use legacy technologies, are difficult to maintain, and NOT in the cloud.
  • Aggressive competition between online retailers and brick and mortar retailers require a balanced technology investment in store vs. online, placing incredible value and pressure on investments that support both the virtual and physical storefront.
  • Continuously evolving changes to loyalty programs and delivering personalized customer experience requires flexible processes and accurate data.
  • Merchandising complexity driven from a proliferation of new products, complex supply chains, and changing customer behavior.
  • Shrinking margins requiring automation of inefficient processes and expansion of revenue.
Kingland Industry Examples

Reduce Contract Negotiations from Days to Hour(s)

By using an automated data platform that analyzes, updates, and notifies grocers and vendors of changes throughout the contract negotiation process, this retail giant took advantage of providing the products customer want, when they want, and at the price they want. 

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Kingland's Retail Capabilities

Kingland has solutions for three distinct areas for the retail industry. For each client, the Kingland Data Platform is the foundation of a resilient infrastructure designed to meet the common problems of that industry segment, while offering flexibility through a customized design process to support the one of a kind requirements of each institution or organization.

Vendor & Supplier Management

Proposal Management, Event Management, Item Management

Recommendation & Personalization

Personalization Engine, Data Science and Recommendations

Enterprise-wide Data Management

Customer Data, Product Data, Unstructured Data

See how the Kingland Data Platform can innovate your operation.

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Meet with an Expert

Why Do Retail Executives Choose Kingland?

Kingland has been offering data management solutions to global enterprises for over 25 years. Through this data management experience as well as forward-thinking software development processes and intuitive application of AI-technologies, we became a sought after software-partner of a global grocery giant. Many of Kingland's clients are driven by regulatory pressure. But when the same regulatory-grade, cloud hosted technologies are applied to the retail industry, new revenue is generated and efficiencies are discovered throughout the entire operation.

"By using [The Kingland] Platform and our team, we can effectively de-risk our project, accelerate deliveries, and get the benefit of us truly modernizing how we think about our architecture as well as development practices to truly build out a Next Gen Pricing and Promotion Platform."
    - Vice President, Technology at a global grocer
The Kingland Platform
Learn about the three distinct suites of the Kingland Data Platform.
Kingland Platform Security
Read about the regulatory-grade security measures of the Kingland Data Platform.
Our Clients
See some of the global clients Kingland has supported throughout its history.

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Focus in 2020-1

Kingland's Focus for 2020

What are we focused on at Kingland? As we start off 2020, I wanted to share five areas that have our attention and energy. For those of you who are our clients, this is what you'll see and experience. For those of you who aren’t yet clients, this is an opportunity to take a closer look. 

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