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Customer Insights at Omni-Channel Scale

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Unlock Data at Enterprise Scale

Enhance customer experience with accurate, intelligent information.  

Kingland helps you manage data about your products, vendors and customers to provide high-value experiences with an intelligent data and analytics software platform. The Kingland Platform uses text extraction and analysis to support event planning, management and promotion activities, orchestrating rules, considerations and stakeholders across stores and products. Information gained from data extraction can lead to market insights that provide decisions to improve the customer experience. Customers receive accurate and timely product recommendations based off prior shopping behavior and actions. 

Helping clients deliver high-value customer experiences, Kingland has provided technology solutions to data challenges quickly and cost effectively for more than 25 years. 


Male buying groceries

Reveal new insight for customers and vendors 

Customer Experience

Improve customer experience through accurate, personalized recommendations. 

Vendor Management

Automate the orchestration of pricing, workflows, rules and more across all your vendors, stores and products. 

Data Management

Integrate new and critical data quickly and accurately into the organization to search for and view historical comparisons, list costs, events and more. 




"They have all the expertise, credibility and reputation for true Big Data - data analysis and analytics"

Fortune 500 Executive Director

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