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Text Analytics

Deliver Efficiency and Insight from Unstructured Text.

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Harness the Power of Unstructured Data

Extract and analyze the most important data on entities, people and products. 
The Kingland Text Analytics Suite includes a combination of advanced natural language processing, named-entity recognition, and language modeling expertise to collect, analyze and share insights from thousands of sources. We describe the text analytics capabilities as three personas. The Collector offers real-time web crawling and extracts data from articles, contracts, policies, and financial documentation, storing the data in a central data lake. The Scholar uses optical character recognition (OCR) and other text extraction and identification methods to organize, curate and annotate the data lake, assigning meaning to the data. The final decision-maker is the CEO who leverages language modeling to continuously improve entity, people and event extraction, notifies subscribers, provides notifications, and calculates meaningful decisions. 

By combining more than two decades of domain experience working with data-intensive industries and using industry-leading processing software and tools, the text analytics suite extracts and parses thousands of sources in a minute - giving you new insights to make critical business decisions. 

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“The enhanced data-sourcing engine now captures higher-quality information and with greater frequency, and pushes it out to the industry faster. Its AI capability allows the database to continually improve by responding to users in real time.” 

Director at a Financial Services Company

Unstructured Data

Integrate unstructured text from news sources, regulatory sources, documents, and more into the schemaless NoSQL data lake for additional processing.

Document Preparation 

Document pre-processing activities such as document digitization via optical character recognition, document classification, and sentence/text extraction.


Leverage natural language processing and named-entity recognition to precisely identify entities, events, people, and more in content.

Data Extraction

Retrieve entities, events and people using machine learning training for continuously improving extraction capabilities.

Explore & Discover UI

Browse and explore the data lake, filtering content and documents within a specified time range, organization, person or event.


Summarizes and indexes all relevant entities and events within the document, enabling faster access to specific sections, words or headlines of a document.

Cloud & DevSecOps

Scalability, security, flexibility and a mix of best practices including continuous integration and delivery and microservices architecture. 

Data Delivery

Supports multiple methods of data, event, source and document delivery to integrate directly into your system. 

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Meet with an Expert
Text Analytics Suite: Meet the CEO

The CEO and its Role in the Kingland Text Analytics Suite

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Text Analytics: Managing Bias

Managing Bias in Text Analytics and Machine Learning

Learn how we leverage manual data research with accurate automation through text analytics and machine learning. 

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Text Analytics SpeedRead Software Demo

Watch Now: Text Analytics - SpeedRead Demo

Understand how the Text Analytics Suite's SpeedRead feature helps you identify events, people, organizations, dates, locations and more faster and with more accuracy.

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