Global accounting firms are required to disclose, monitor, and mitigate conflicts of interest for their partners, managers, and other key individuals. You know the complexity of the regulations, the global reach of your organization, and the inherent challenges and effort related to compliance with firm policy, and regulatory directives.

Our Independence solution is a global, multi-language, enterprise software application that is the most widely used solution in the world and has been developed by Kingland over the last sixteen years in cooperation with the largest auditing and accounting firms. The solution provides the tools to identify, disclose, and monitor the financial interests and relationships of global audit firms and their employees, effectively managing the risk of possible regulatory sanction or non-compliance with company-specific policy. Independence’s robust browser-based and mobile device software is built to monitor hundreds of thousands of global clients and users, in addition to millions of possible financial relationships.

Independence is a proven application that can be configured to existing risk and compliance requirements, saving time and resources and increasing overall reliability.


In addition to monitoring each financial interest, regulatory regimes and firm policies require periodic certification by partners and employees of their adherence to firm policies and practices. The certification must be flexible enough to address annual processes, new hire processes, and a myriad of other business processes.

Built on our Independence platform, the Independence Compliance Confirmation (ICC) solution is used to inspect compliance of individual employees, partners, officers, directors, and other decision makers to identify and address concerns arising from the breach of applicable policies or regulations. Additionally, the ICC solution also serves as an online repository for appropriate firm, industry and regulatory documentation and a certification audit trail.

ICC greatly reduces the resources, both financial and personnel, previously required to collect and manage compliance information. Through its integration with Independence, your firm and its practitioners experience a streamlined compliance process.


Accounting networks around the world must comply with certain regulatory regimes that require the network to prove firm independence by controlling the combination of services provided to customers. Our solution is a robust, global, enterprise software application that manages and coordinates the requisite business processes to ensure that the scope of services provided to customers is appropriate. As the European Union member states strengthen scope of services and auditor tendering and rotation rules, our subject matter experts can help you translate these rules into not only a compliance solution but also help you leverage this information to drive business results.

At its core, our solution has two primary components – the ability to manage change to corporate family trees and the ability to orchestrate a global business process of service requests. By leveraging our deep expertise in legal entity data management, we provide you data visualizations and integrated workflows that are configurable for your needs. The continual management of the corporate family trees then enable successful application of geography and service type rule sets to specific service requests, routing them to the appropriate partners for adjudication and approval (if appropriate). We then unlock the value of this information, which can help you maximize opportunities related to tendering and rotation, client strategy, and market penetration.