Maintain, index, and safeguard your data domains

Organizations can accurately and efficiently administer legal entity and other data with the Kingland Enterprise Data Management suite. This suite provides predefined data models that represent a comprehensive set of required attributes. All of this is augmented by our 20-plus years of industry expertise of managing data in different data domains. 

The framework component of the Enterprise Data Management suite provides the ability to develop reference data models for solutions and create and maintain the data within those solutions, expand and add data models quickly with minimal impact to related architectural components, and access data in a secure fashion that's consistent with globally recognized information assurance policies and practices.

Clients can use data management services for legal entity and hierarchy data models to manipulate and retrieve legal entity and hierarchy, ownership, and entity relationship data. The legal entity data model provides  a critical, industry-based starting point with attributes that describe organizational biometrics, names/aliases, addresses, contacts, identifiers, industry codes and other legal entity details. This component is also equipped with data models that include natural persons, securities, accounts, and agreements. 

With a history of supplying entity data and Independence solutions for the world's largest data-intensive organizations, the Enterprise Data Management suite is backed by Kingland's data expertise in the accounting and financial industries.

Let us help you power your vision with data.