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Your Data Can Be More.

From stock exchanges to insurance giants to global public accounting firms, Kingland’s cloud-based, enterprise software is built for organizations needing to better integrate, manage and unlock the value of their data. We make your data work harder.

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7 Critical Questions for Transformation Programs

Institutions are addressing the moving target of risk management by prioritizing client-centric data as they transform their systems, processes, and operating models. Better understand the asset value of your customer information and benefit for decades.

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Personal Independence
Just. Got. Better.

Trusted by six of the top eight public accounting firms, Kingland software helps firms make massive gains in improving compliance rates, accurate disclosures, and reducing manual processes.

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We Are The End-To-End Solution.

Our software does not replace existing systems, it strengthens them. Kingland is your innovation partner, bringing together the full power of a secure cloud platform with proven data capabilities, customized for specific business needs. For over 30 years, banks, regulators, insurers, and retailers have relied on Kingland-designed solutions to make the most of their data.


Technology Modernization

Make the technology smarter.

Data Utilization

Make the information work harder.

Business Transformation

Make the operations stronger.


Integral Companies Trust Kingland.

We solve complex data problems for the world’s most integral companies in highly regulated industries using data to manage risk, comply with regulations, and run their businesses better. 

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Transformative Technology.

Kingland’s cloud-based, enterprise software is built for organizations needing to better integrate, manage and unlock the value of their data needed for business transformations, risk mitigation, and compliance management.

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Case Study

The True Cost
of Internal Software Development

How to answer both the opportunity and the threat of custom building versus using a data platform.

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Kingland Software in Action

DTCC Text Analytics Success
Consolidated Audit Trail
Global Retail Negotiations
Automated Risk Management

How Kingland's text analytics delivers for DTCC

Within eight months, DTCC used AI technology to enhance its solution by tracking, extracting and updating data from the SEC EDGAR database in real-time with an accuracy rate exceeding 99%.

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Capital Markets Solutions

Kingland’s role with FINRA CAT

Kingland’s expertise in customer and account data dates back over 25 years, as does the Kingland track record of delivering software solutions to unique and challenging data requirements in the banking and capital markets industry. When FINRA needed a software partner to build the world's largest customer and account reference database, Kingland was the logical choice to make it possible.

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Capital Markets Solutions

Grocer Improves Contract Negotiations from Days to Hours

One of the world‘s largest grocers wanted to optimize how its merchandise executives worked with vendors to provide the right product, at the right price, and at the right time. Using a system that would automate the contract process - updating prices, items, quantity, locations, and more - would allow this grocer to move the contract process along in a matter of minutes or hours rather than days.

Case Study
Retail Solutions

Using Data Automation to Minimize Risk

The Global Bank‘s previous system required thousands of hours of manual input and still produced low accuracy. The low accuracy undermined confidence, increased costs, and introduced risk. See how Kingland modernized a global bank's 2 Million Record Credit Risk Problem.

Case Study
Capital Markets Solutions

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