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Capital Markets

Discover the ultimate client data management platform
Built by experts, tailored for you.

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Modernize your client data systems and processes

Transform how you use technology to get the most from client and reference data throughout the enterprise. Executives are working to improve how they modernize their systems to seamlessly use and integrate data.

The Kingland Data Platform and customized design process as well as our 35+ years of industry experience helps us to solve many of the top problems facing our Capital Markets clients:

  • Aged and neglected systems (usually 10 to 20 years old) that use legacy technologies, are difficult to maintain, and NOT in the cloud.
  • Silos of client data which hold back new products and service delivery, hides risks to the enterprise, and challenges regulatory reporting.
  • Legacy manual processes that are inefficient and difficult to change as business needs evolve.
  • Evolving risk management (operational, market, credit, and client-related) that requires new information delivered today, not days from now.
  • Overwhelming amounts of unstructured content and documents that require digitization for leverage within the enterprise.
  • Increasing information security requirements for ever-evolving threats.
Kingland's Industry Examples


Learn about Kingland’s role in the customer and account information system of the Consolidated Audit Trail.

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Text Analytics Delivers Results for DTCC

Within eight months, DTCC used Kingland's AI technology to enhance its solution by tracking, extracting and updating data from SEC EDGAR documents in real-time with an overall accuracy rate exceeding 99%.

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As one of the world's most data-intensive, regulated companies, you don't have the luxury of making a mistake, and neither do we.

Kingland's Capital Markets Capabilities

Kingland has solutions for two distinct groups of organizations in the Capital Markets industry. For each client, the Kingland Data Platform is the foundation of a resilient infrastructure designed to meet the common problems of that industry segment, while offering flexibility through a customized design process to support the one of a kind requirements of each institution or organization.

Investment Banks, Asset Managers & Custodians
Global institutions that understand the importance of modernizing their operations to manage risk, deliver more value to clients, and meet unending regulatory reporting obligations.
Client Data Management
Corporate Actions, Hierarchy Management, Due Diligence, Data Maintenance 
Risk Monitoring
Client and Counterparty, Market, Credit, Financial Crimes and Negative News
Regulatory Reporting
Client and Reference Data, US and International Regulations
Securities Inventory &
Settlement Optimization
Reducing Settlement Exceptions and Failures, Cross-border, Multiple Asset Classes
Market Utilities, Regulators, Exchanges & Information Providers
Organizations that are heavy consumers of data and looking to provide expanded services and new offerings in order to enable their clients to make faster, more profitable decisions within the market.

Client Data Intelligence

Aggregation, Hierarchy Management, Corporate Actions

Risk Monitoring

Client and Counterparty, Market, Credit, Financial Crimes and Negative News

Data Services Expansion

New Products, Expanded Monitoring, Cost Savings

See how the Kingland Data Platform can be tailored for your organization

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Why Do Capital Markets Executives Choose Kingland?

Kingland solutions support more than 1,800 broker dealers, 300 asset managers, and hundreds of thousands of market participants. With a cornerstone in client data, Kingland is working with FINRA CAT to deliver the Consolidated Audit Trail (CAT) and has delivered and operates the leading Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) utility for DTCC. Additionally, the Kingland Data Platform has supported critical reference data solutions for the US mutual fund industry and risk and regulatory reporting data for various top tier institutions. Kingland's 35 years of industry expertise dates all the way back to its original founding as a pioneering regional broker dealer back in the 1980s.   

"We have 27,000 securities on the [data]base with 5 million data points and we have a confidence rate of over 99%. That's really important because the dealers have to know that the information that they're using to sell product to their client; [it] is critical that it be accurate."
    - Managing Director at DTCC
The Kingland Platform
Learn about the three distinct suites of the Kingland Data Platform.
Kingland Platform Security
Read about the regulatory-grade security measures of the Kingland Data Platform.
Our Clients
See some of the global clients Kingland has supported throughout its history.

Capital Markets Insights

Improve Risk-1

Improving Risk Management with Text Analytics

See how the Kingland Text Analytics Platform suite can augment and streamline Risk Management and Monitoring process within your organization.

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Suntrust Merger-2

BB&T/SunTrust Merger Brings Attention to Hierarchy Data Management

BB&T Corporation and SunTrust Banks, Inc. announced a merger-of-equals. Mergers like these present practical data management challenges, but also significant business opportunities.      

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Pulling Important Details from the Charles Schwab Announcement

The Mergers & Acquisition market is beyond heating up in 2019 with the most recent announcement from Charles Schwab and TD Ameritrade. The $26 billion all-stock deal will merge the two biggest publicly traded discount brokers with more than $5 trillion in client assets and more than 24 million clients.

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