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The Consolidated Audit Trail

Kingland’s role in the customer and account information system of CAT


What is the Consolidated Audit Trail?

On May 6, 2010 the “Flash Crash” disrupted the equities market, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA)  dropping  in value by approximately 9% in a matter of minutes. In response to the difficulty in determining the cause of the Flash Crash, on July 18, 2012 the SEC adopted Rule 613 to create the Consolidated Audit Trail (CAT), intended to allow regulators to monitor activity throughout the U.S. securities markets. The CAT collects information on a variety of market events, including quotes, orders, routes, and trade executions for all U.S. exchange-listed equities and options, among other things. Additionally, the CAT will track the identity of accounts and customers originating this information. The development and implementation of the CAT on an industry-wide basis represents an evolution in maintaining the integrity of the financial and capital markets.


What is FINRA CAT, and what is its role?

FINRA CAT, LLC, a subsidiary of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc. (FINRA), is the CAT Plan Processor, responsible for designing, building and running the system on behalf of the CAT Participants to collect CAT information in compliance with Rule 613.


What is Kingland’s role in CAT?

Kingland was selected by FINRA CAT to be a subcontractor responsible for implementing and operating the component of CAT required to collect, validate and store the customer and account information required in CAT, known as the Customer and Account Information System (CAIS).


What qualifies Kingland to work on CAT?

Kingland’s expertise in customer and account data dates back over 25 years, as does the Kingland track record of delivering software solutions to unique and challenging data requirements in the banking and capital markets industry. The Kingland team has decades of experience working with customer and account information for many systemically important entities including working with multiple clients to automate data sourcing and the collection and sharing of large amounts of complex data.

Consolidated Audit Trail Resources

Use these resources to find additional information on the Consolidated Audit Trail.

CAT NMS Plan Website
Additional information on the Consolidated Audit Trail can be found on the CAT NMS Plan website.

Frequently Asked Questions from the CAT NMS Plan website.

CAT Registration & Onboarding
Information for CAT Reporters on how to gain access to the CAT Test and Production environments for the first time.

CAT Reporting Customer & Account Technical Spec (v1.0)
Requirements for the reporting of customer and account data to CAT by Industry Members, including detailed information about data elements and file submission.

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About Us

Kingland has been a trusted software provider of compliance management, data management and text analytics to the Big 4 accounting firms, the world's largest financial institutions, global insurance organizations and large companies in the retail industry. Our world-class software and services capabilities are unmatched in these industries.
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Kingland Platform Security

Kingland's software is developed in adherence with all CAT security requirements, including the NIST 800-53 security standards. Kingland's software development processes are certified level 5 with the Capability Maturity Model Integration and is in compliance with the American Institute of CPAs Service Organization (SOC2).
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The Kingland Platform

The Kingland Platform uses software uniquely developed for use cases among enterprise data management, compliance management and text analytics, helping global firms and institutions use data to securely and efficiently minimize risk and control costs. 
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