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Compliance Management

Automate and Manage Regulatory Compliance

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Maintain Independence and Manage Risk

Avoid conflicts of interest by organizing your compliance management and independence processes.
The Kingland Compliance Management Platform Suite supports organizations' need for accurate data, resilient compliance processes and connected systems to comply with regulatory and company-specific requirements. Intuitive user, entity, and rule management augment processes to ensure accurate compliance management globally. Modernize cumbersome compliance management activities for partners and other monitored users with industry-specific tools such as automated brokerage data import and step-by-step portfolio creation.  
As the most widely-used Independence solution by the largest, global accounting firms, the Kingland Compliance Management Platform Suite strengthens and streamlines your compliance management efforts.   
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We use Kingland's platform for all personal independence - our people and member firms.” 

- Partner at one of the largest, global accounting firms

User Management

Automated import application runs on demand or can be scheduled to add, update, close, reopen and archive users.

Entity Management

Application uses a check and balance feature to ensure import file makes the desired changes before updates to entities related to issues of stocks, mutual funds, bonds and UITs.

Account Wizard

Intuitive surveys and workflows guide users through setting up and maintaining a portfolio, providing confidence when questioning whether to disclose or not disclose specific investments.

Brokerage Data Import

Automated process of adding and disposing of holdings from brokerage accounts, monitoring information daily. Updating account holdings can be automated without intervention by an application administrator. 

Rules Management

Govern compliance by using highly configurable compliance region-based rules. Create and manage customized rules to determine a user's eligibility to hold a particular holding.


Support global operations with global deployments and the ability to set and translate text directly within the application. 


Detailed or summarized data that are customized to facilitate mining, monitoring or statistical analysis. Reports are governed by privacy policy rules within the application. 

Inspection Module

Allow inspection audits to occur within a streamlined workflow using a wizard-based process to ensure a consistent user-experience. 

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