Fortune 100 Client Experiences 70% Improvement in Client Data Coverage


In less than a month, Kingland used its advanced data diagnostics platform to identify data quality issues that led to a 70% improvement in client data coverage for one of the world’s largest technology providers, driving specific revenue alignment decisions across their global client base.

The Story

Duplication and data quality issues are a recurring problem for global B2B companies. And when you’re one of the most visible companies in the world, with more than 25 million clients, data quality issues can mean missing out on millions of dollars of revenue.

The client had a database containing about 15 million registered sites and 5 million unregistered sites. The issues: Revenue wasn’t being captured appropriately. Discounts weren’t managed well, and the issues within their core customer data set hampered their ability to capture as much revenue as possible. Additional analysis revealed the following needs:

  • Data quality of incoming data
  • Address validation and cleansing
  • Hierarchy management
  • Duplication
  • Lack of visibility

More than 350,000 cases of duplication affecting over 780,000 records and inconsistent data attributes, which were part of a frequently changing big data set, consumed an incredible amount of time for operations, IT, sales and marketing teams. The Kingland team’s efforts were focused on helping the client improve the end-to-end capabilities of its customer data and related processes and technology.

What makes our Data Cleansing Approach different?

Kingland scanned the data set to discover identical and key data quality issues using the Kingland Data Diagnostics platform. After identifying an additional 1.4 million high priority, related clients, the team segmented and prioritized the issues, followed by the application of a series of algorithms to systematically address data duplication, identify missing and incorrect data, and align orphaned records in the right hierarchy.

Within five months after the start of the cleansing project, the client realized a 70% improvement in client data coverage b uncovering 500,000 net new records from their customer data set, which increased this Fortune 100’s opportunity for revenue expansion. The client reduced operational costs of the legacy system and case management volume. In addition, the IT and Operations teams are doing less work to produce the same core data set that supports more than 80 downstream systems daily.

  • Identified 3.4 million data quality issues in less than 30 days
  • More than 340,000 cases of duplication were identified and remediated
  • Reduced operational costs of the client’s legacy system